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Roleplay | Aprise Prison & Fort

This is not just a prison but a fortress.  Built with Roman Ludi in mind, this prison features an upstairs for the free people and a downstairs for the prisoners.  Their are 2 gated entrances on the sides onto the prison grounds, a front door for the prison level and a front door for the
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Roleplay | The Circus Maximus (Hippodrome)

Welcome to the Circus Maximus, the Jewel of Rome.  Featuring a 2 story Emperor’s box, an opposing VIP box, seating above the stables and a lot of room for spectators.  The egg counters work, 9 eggs drop 6 levels each to track points and the dolphins each “jump” over to keep track of laps as
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Roleplay | Ancient Roman Stabilis (Stables)

Welcome to the Ancient Roman Stabilis, created to coordinate nicely with the Gods of Valor Circus Maximus.  This stable comes complete with a blacksmith with working forge you can turn on and off, and all accouterments that make it a Smithy.  9 Horses are included and are removable and their are 12 stalls.  Each stall
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