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Villa Valore

Villa Valore is modeled after a real world design, includes 2 working garages (one faux garage) and includes all of the following: Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 68.2m wide x 59.63m deep TOTAL PRIMS: 1,363 DESCRIPTION: The House (1) @ 608 prims Back Poolside Garden (1) @ 41 prims
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Willow’s Bend Townhouse

The Willow’s Bend Townhouse is a lovely southern style town home design modeled after a real world home’s floor-plan.  My goals for this house were realism and functionality while providing all the accouterments of a real world home to inspire virtual world interactions. Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 24.4m
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