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Roleplay | Aprise Prison & Fort

This is not just a prison but a fortress.  Built with Roman Ludi in mind, this prison features an upstairs for the free people and a downstairs for the prisoners.  Their are 2 gated entrances on the sides onto the prison grounds, a front door for the prison level and a front door for the
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The Ludus Spartacus

This Ludus is modeled directly after the Batiatus Ludus in the Starz series, Spartacus though it is streamlined some to fit SL prim and space constraints. The far wall of the sands is removable if you wish to install this ludus on a mountaintop to have the restraining wall be nothing more than the life
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The Ludus Maximus

The Ludus Maximus is an Ancient Roman Historical Role-play build designed for Gladiator RP. This is a larger ludus featuring segregated Gladiatrix & Gladiator housing & bathing with 4 private gladiator rooms. The villa has a master bedroom & bath, kitchen with slave sleeping quarters, great room with garden surrounding pool, 2 guest rooms, and office connecting to the
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The Ludus Magnus

This Ludus was built for a homestead sim with prim cost savings in mind. It’s a terrible thing to abbreviate a ludus’ activities with fewer spaces, so the overall design was altered a bit, enabling me to create it with fewer prims. It’s a more square structure with the entire first floor being gladiator related,
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The Ludus Gigantus

This amazing build was created for our own roleplay in the ancient roman roleplay sim we called Gods of Valor and it’s rp opportunities were magnificent. The add on slave viewing and interaction areas as well as the commoner seating for the sands, is in no way historically accurate BUT, it fulfilled some serious needs
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