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Roleplay | Aprise Prison & Fort

This is not just a prison but a fortress.  Built with Roman Ludi in mind, this prison features an upstairs for the free people and a downstairs for the prisoners.  Their are 2 gated entrances on the sides onto the prison grounds, a front door for the prison level and a front door for the
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Theater Marcellus

Welcome to the Theater Marcellus, one of Rome’s prestigious theaters and, the structure the Ancient Roman’s used as a guide to building The Colosseum. The stadium seating includes 60 seats built in (35 on each side).  Each seat has a selection of 3 poses (1 male, 1 female & 1 unisex) and their are 8
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The Roman Senate

The Ancient Roman Senate building was modest in its outside appearance with elaborate painting and tiling inside. This recreation features 3 dimensional roof with custom drawn, hand painted flooring and walls to make it as close to the real thing as possible (i referenced images on google images to learn what it looked like and
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