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Gods of Valor Rebuilds Romanum, a 9yr Fixture in the SL Community

Please enjoy the story of how the Romanum project came to be and the amazing video at the end by Suzie Anderton of the completed build but told as a story of the Gladiator battles. It’s just amazing!

Gods of Valor Reborn

Welcome home Gods, Kings, men, women, creatures and slaves (and whoever I’ve not mentioned).  I am Filipa Thespian, a role-player, builder, writer and artist (among other things) and it is with great excitement that I make this announcement today. Gods of Valor is Reborn! No, we’re not a role-play sim anymore, but all of the stories, research,
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About My Role-Play Builds

BUILT FOR ACTIVE ROLE-PLAY: I myself am a role-player with extensive experience role-playing in Second Life (among other places) in Gor, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and various Fantasy genre’s. When I begin a build, I always start with a plan of “what characters use this space,” and “how will they use it,” followed by “what
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