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Daenera’s Delight

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Role Play Clothing, Roman | 0 comments

This is a fitted mesh Roman-style mini dress with a Belleza and Maitreya version included.

There is a texture-changing HUD that gives you four different trim colors, gold, silver, copper, and black.

This outfit is available in 12 different colors.

The Fat Pack will be out later this week and is a simple all-inclusive HUD to make your selection process simpler.

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Filipa Thespian (65)

I create structures, furniture, decor and clothing for avatars inside Second Life for role-play environments and the modern clubbing industry and share them through three different brands, Gods of Valor, The Club Depot and 2 the 9's. In RL, I am a graphic artist, print specialist, web designer, writer, IP mgr, biz mgr, mag publisher, actor, director, singer & burgeoning film creator & animator (YouTube.com/@iMoogiTV).