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Gods of Valor creates Role-Play structures, furnishings and clothing, inside the virtual world of Second Life.

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When creating a new club for sister biz Club Depot, Filipa Thespian drops the ball… um, prim…

Just kidding, had a photographic moment and thought it was a fun play on broken prims.  

Hi, I’m Filipa.  Welcome to Gods of Valor, The Club Depot and 2 the 9’s.  I LOVE to build and my inspirations can be rather eclectic, which I think explains the different brands and many types of items I make for you to enjoy.  

Something fun is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for some breaking news.

Patreon is here!

Well that took a hot minute lol but I did it 😃 I finished building my Patreon page and I’m gonna do some build vids, behind the scenes stuff, silly stuff, i duuno, what do you think? OH OH also, got the discord channel all cleaned up and connected with my patreon page too 😀









Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and fitting your genre, GoV woks are art you can live in.


3D spaces created for optimal 3D living in any point in time and space.  Bringing history and culture to life.


Honoring and showcasing different cultures and lifestyles through architecture.


Old vs New. 4000 Years of Architecture.