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Roleplay | Aprise Prison & Fort

This is not just a prison but a fortress.  Built with Roman Ludi in mind, this prison features an upstairs for the free people and a downstairs for the prisoners.  Their are 2 gated entrances on the sides onto the prison grounds, a front door for the prison level and a front door for the
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Roleplay | The Circus Maximus (Hippodrome)

Welcome to the Circus Maximus, the Jewel of Rome.  Featuring a 2 story Emperor’s box, an opposing VIP box, seating above the stables and a lot of room for spectators.  The egg counters work, 9 eggs drop 6 levels each to track points and the dolphins each “jump” over to keep track of laps as
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Roleplay | Ancient Roman Gymnasium

This Gymnasium was modeled after ruins left behind in Rome.  It features 2 side rooms that can be used for anything you can dream up, 2 long side “alleyways” for many things from archery to lounging and a large center area for sparring, wrestling or … whatever.  The front lobby gives this structure a grand
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Theater Marcellus

Welcome to the Theater Marcellus, one of Rome’s prestigious theaters and, the structure the Ancient Roman’s used as a guide to building The Colosseum. The stadium seating includes 60 seats built in (35 on each side).  Each seat has a selection of 3 poses (1 male, 1 female & 1 unisex) and their are 8
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The Twilight Colosseum

Welcome to the Twilight Colosseum!  Plebeian seating for 42, seating for the Emperor and his Empress and 12 of their honored guests!  Standing room only for Gladiators and slaves 😉  Two entrances to the sands, first is from the side, second is from beneath the sands themselves.  Sands doors are controlled by levers to prevent
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The Ostia Arena

A “newer” arena with its design based on the Spartacus’ Gods of the Arena square arena from the squalor of the poor quarter of the city. The though there is, what might that run down arena looked like when it was much newer? If you wish it had a run down appearance, please look for
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The Grand Roman Colosseum

Welcome to Ancient Rome, the time of the Glaidator & Gladiatrix. This arena was built for role-play sims to get the most out of their Gladiatorial role-play. It features the Special seating for Royalty or your upper crust of society and areas on either side for spectators to sit. Their are several access points to
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The Putres Capua Arena

A run down arena with its design based on the Spartacus’ Gods of the Arena square arena from the squalor of the poor quarter of the city. If you like this arena but wish it weren’t so run down, please look for The Ostia Arena in our store! Features left and right gladiator access doors,
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The Grand Capua Arena

The footprint left behind in Italy, from the real arena in Capua, is 75m long by 45m wide. This recreation based on the Starz show, Spartacus and matches it’s original predecessor’s size. The Grand Capua Arena is set up to handle chariot races as well as Gladiatorial events, providing a very real recreation of the
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