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Neptune’s Retreat

An outdoor fountain and pool, your residents will enjoy their time at this monument, reclining on a Divan, wading in the water and enjoying the out doors while praising the God Neptune (Or Poseidon). Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 16m wide x 22.5m long TOTAL PRIMS: 94 Structure =
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The Lupinaria Casillinum

This Ancient Roman Lupinaria (whorehouse or brothel) features removable sexy murals on the walls on the upper level (in case you want to use it as an every day structure), 2 floors, 3 pools – 2 accessible by avatars, 5 rooms on the lower levels – 3 of which have doors. All curtains, lighting and
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Ceasar’s Garden

A lovely garden with strolling path, made in the way of the Romans … as part of a monument. Decorate either end with your favorite furniture and have a lovely place to relax and entertain guests with that all important goblet of wine. Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 16m
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The Putres Capua Arena

A run down arena with its design based on the Spartacus’ Gods of the Arena square arena from the squalor of the poor quarter of the city. If you like this arena but wish it weren’t so run down, please look for The Ostia Arena in our store! Features left and right gladiator access doors,
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The Arch of Serpents

Modeled after the Arch of Severus Septimus, this decorative piece of roman architecture was made with creative license. Most of these builds are tested in role-play which means, we use them in our own role-play environment and they work well for RP scenarios of many kinds! Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second
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The Rustic Roman Bath House

This bathhouse was designed for maximum role-play space with a limited prim budget. I originally created it for a homestead sim. It contains 3 private rooms for massage and private bathing (or whatever works for your role-play), 4 alcoves for changing with curtained outer areas (changing rooms for men and women), exercise sands with room
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