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The Twilight Colosseum

by | Aug 7, 2016 | Arenas, Better for Full Sims | 0 comments

Welcome to the Twilight Colosseum!  Plebeian seating for 42, seating for the Emperor and his Empress and 12 of their honored guests!  Standing room only for Gladiators and slaves 😉  Two entrances to the sands, first is from the side, second is from beneath the sands themselves.  Sands doors are controlled by levers to prevent accidental click/opening while meter fighting.

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FOOTPRINT: 49.25m Sq in Diameter

TOTAL PRIMS: 414 Complete

Prim Details:

  • 223 is the Core Structure you can get down to by removing statuary, banners & seating
  • 14 Wealthy Patrician Chairs @ 2p each (28p)
  • Chair Textures can be changed by HUD
  • 8 cushion colors
  • 2 wood colors
  • 3 chair back options
  • 2 chair leg options
  • 2 chair foot options
  • 32 Stadium Seat Cushions @ 1 prim each
  • Removable Statuary to save a total of 111 prims:
    • 2 Minerva’s @ 17 prims each (34p)
    • 2 Ceasar busts @ 9 prims
    • 6 Lions @ 40 prims
    • 28 Falcons @ 1 prim each

Included is a spare stadium cushion if you need to add more stadium seating.


  • Low Prim
  • RP Tested
  • Role-player Approved
  • Built with RP spaces in mind!
  • Kool Door Ready!
  • Chariot Race Ready


Filipa Thespian (65)

I create structures, furniture, decor and clothing for avatars inside Second Life for role-play environments and the modern clubbing industry and share them through three different brands, Gods of Valor, The Club Depot and 2 the 9's. In RL, I am a graphic artist, print specialist, web designer, writer, IP mgr, biz mgr, mag publisher, actor, director, singer & burgeoning film creator & animator (YouTube.com/@iMoogiTV).