This temple was painstakingly re-crafted from photos of the original in Rome.  Their were always 8 Vestal Virgins and the religious leader responsible for them, hence the 8 chairs and 1 throne.  Only the virgins came here and their number was built into everything about this temple, from the flames atop the dome to the windows.  The temple would be outside of town, at a respectable distance so that the corruption of city life never found the virgins, likewise, the front door was always facing away from town and the temple would be atop a mountain.

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FOOTPRINT: 25m Diameter


  • Base Structure = 59 prims
  • Throne = 1 prim
  • 8 Vestal Chairs @ 1 prim each = 8 prims


  • Low Prim
  • Roleplay Tested & Approved
  • Built with RP spaces in mind!
  • Kool Door Ready!