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The Twilight Colosseum

The Twilight Colosseum

Welcome to the Twilight Colosseum!  Plebeian seating for 42, seating for the Emperor and his Empress and 12 of their honored guests!  Standing room only for Gladiators and slaves 😉  Two entrances to the sands, first is from the side, second is from beneath the sands themselves.  Sands doors are controlled by levers to prevent accidental click/opening while meter fighting.

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FOOTPRINT: 49.25m Sq in Diameter

TOTAL PRIMS: 414 Complete

Prim Details:

  • 223 is the Core Structure you can get down to by removing statuary, banners & seating
  • 14 Wealthy Patrician Chairs @ 2p each (28p)
  • Chair Textures can be changed by HUD
  • 8 cushion colors
  • 2 wood colors
  • 3 chair back options
  • 2 chair leg options
  • 2 chair foot options
  • 32 Stadium Seat Cushions @ 1 prim each
  • Removable Statuary to save a total of 111 prims:
    • 2 Minerva’s @ 17 prims each (34p)
    • 2 Ceasar busts @ 9 prims
    • 6 Lions @ 40 prims
    • 28 Falcons @ 1 prim each

Included is a spare stadium cushion if you need to add more stadium seating.


  • Low Prim
  • RP Tested
  • Role-player Approved
  • Built with RP spaces in mind!
  • Kool Door Ready!
  • Chariot Race Ready


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