Filipa profile photo 2016.fwWelcome home Gods, Kings, men, women, creatures and slaves (and whoever I’ve not mentioned).  I am Filipa Thespian, a role-player, builder, writer and artist (among other things) and it is with great excitement that I make this announcement today.

Gods of Valor is Reborn!

No, we’re not a role-play sim anymore, but all of the stories, research, photos, imaginations, forums and player pages are still here and intact for everyone’s reminiscence and education here on this site and in the info-packed forums.

Like the phoenix, GoV is reborn and has evolved.

Gods of Valor - Do you have what it takes - tall thin mag shapeIn 2012, Gods of Valor was founded as a Historical Ancient Roman Role-play sim inside Second Life, the city of Casillinum.  Back then, with my SL brother and best friend, Crito Galtier (that’s him in the ad slick that will also be brought back hehe), I built the most beautiful sim, some amazing role-play builds and together we brought together a superb group of role-players with whom, we both created some of the most amazing role-play adventures of our lives (we miss you guys!).  Well, Crito isn’t involved in Gods of Valor anymore though for nostalgia sake he remains in an ownership slot in the in-world group.  But we are still close and he’s very excited about this undertaking!

The Forums & Information: I held onto the forums and this website all these years — I just couldn’t part with it all (it was a ‘lotta work lol and there’s some great stuff in here).

How the Idea Happened: A fabulous customer of mine, to my role-play builds business known as “{Where It Begins}” had contacted me with some questions and compliments a and we got to talking and reminiscing.   Turns out, she role-played with us at Gods of Valor, remembered it all, remembered the name and felt inspired by our conversation, for her own Ancient Roman Role-play sim that she was building at the time.  Through our lovely chat, I realized (because she said it rather bluntly lol), that Gods of Valor has a hold on my heart and has deep meaning and inspiration to me (and hopefully others) where “Where it Begins” never really did.

She suggested to me, “why don’t you change the name of your business to Gods of Valor, I think it’s a much better name mostly because of your obvious love of it.”  And so, that’s exactly what I am doing!


I am in the process right now of re-branding the existing structures, while freshening them up a bit.  When the updates are done, anyone who has purchased an old version, that is in my CasperVend system will be sent a new copy through the tools provided there.  The newest pieces and updates will make it to my in-world store first, which means my CasperVend system so you can go to the resend feature of Casper and get it yourself if you want.  Those of you who purchased on Marketplace, it may take me a tad longer, but I will be getting them to you as well!  Feel free to pro-actively contact me to inquire as to your updated copy.

I truly hope you enjoy the stories and find great information here as you interact and we continue to learn and grow in our role-play abilities together!

All my best,
Filipa Thespian
Founder & Builder