[17:42] Crito Galtier: So thanks for coming everyone and welcome to our first role play class.

[17:43] Filipa Thespian: it has come to our attention that a lot of people are dyin to figure out how to fit themselves into rp, but really can’t figure it out, and ask for help.
[17:44] Filipa Thespian: often the way they ask is like a sim owner/mod’s worst nightmare lol “create my rp for me please?” lol but usually that’s not what people mean … they just need some guidance in working themselves into an existing dynamic.
[17:45] Filipa Thespian: just tonight i believe it was dene that was telling me about someone he was rpin with who had many questions, and he was there answering them and she said to him “oh this is what i needed, who do i call what, when and how, how do I respond being a roman slave i really don’t know the differences” and what not. so this is how our class here tonight got started 🙂
[17:45] Filipa Thespian: I think the best way to begin is this … what is most prevalent on your minds, related to this topic … at this very moment? anyone care to share?

[17:47] Crito Galtier: Does everyone know the difference between Dominus and Erus?

[17:47] Melarius: no
[17:47] Marcia Shan: erus is a man?
[17:47] Marcia Shan: not necessarily my dominus?
[17:47] Marcia Shan: not sure
[17:47] Marcia Shan: lol
[17:47] Crito Galtier: THey are both men actually
[17:48] Crito Galtier: A Dominus is a man who owns you. Where a man that you meet on the street, whether you are a slave or a citizen is addressed as Erus. So you would say, “Ave Erus” to a man you didn’t know.
[17:49] Filipa Thespian: and likewise, Domina is a woman who owns you but Era is “lady” for all intents and purposes
[17:49] Filipa Thespian: and slaves and free alike would use “Era”
[17:49] Crito Galtier: For a women then, a Domina is a women that owns you and Era would be a women that you say met on the street.
[17:49] Filipa Thespian: for women they didn’t know
[17:50] Melarius: ah.. good to know

[17:51] Marcia Shan: I have a question!
[17:52] Filipa Thespian: ok 🙂

[17:52] Marcia Shan: and how should I address myself to a slave? a free person would talk to a slave? I never know how to RP with the slaves. I end treating all the same, but I know to the RP may not be the right thing.

[17:53] Marcia Shan: or I avoid at all cause I dunno what to do lol
[17:54] Filipa Thespian: when i have need to speak to slaves, I do … in general though, in history, it was on the broken backs of slaves that Rome was built. they were commodities to Romans, they were not people. they were animals, like horses, or pigs … they were even often bred like animals as I’ve read in some places.
[17:54] Filipa Thespian: so if you needed a slave to serve you something you’d likely request it of them then they’d fall out of your notice
[17:54] Filipa Thespian: but
[17:54] Filipa Thespian: there are the situations like for example, in the ludus …
[17:55] Filipa Thespian: that i would get to know my slaves a lot better, or if you have a household where you have slaves you’ve had a long time … you’d know them better
[17:55] Filipa Thespian: but a senator may come in and slaves would just be fodder, unnoticeable … have you seen any of the episodes of Spartacus from the Starz network yet?
[17:55] Marcia Shan: yes, I saw all.
[17:55] Filipa Thespian: some prime examples in there of how slaves are treated … i can think of one episode in particular in the beginning, gods of the arena
[17:55] Marcia Shan: but my doubt is about other people slaves
[17:56] Marcia Shan: so i should not direct myself at all to other people slaves?
[17:56] Filipa Thespian: other people’s slaves … well … would you walk up to a woman i the street and tear her dress? or go into a man’s house and break his table?
[17:56] Filipa Thespian: so you’d not damage them likely but
[17:56] Filipa Thespian: you mean walking down the street?
[17:56] Filipa Thespian: in passing?
[17:57] Marcia Shan: yes. it happens a lot. I want to RP and there is slave there lol
[17:57] Marcia Shan: or Sonnya nana for example
[17:57] Marcia Shan: or even the glads
[17:57] Filipa Thespian: ok well you would not greet them like “ave, a warm day is it not?”
[17:57] Filipa Thespian: but …
[17:57] Filipa Thespian: you can create reasons to interact with a slave you’re passing in the street for example, stop in them and asking “to whom do you belong?” and depending on the answer you can then get them to do things for you lol
[17:58] Filipa Thespian: oh I love sonnya’s nana lol
[17:58] Filipa Thespian: sonnya, a woman who rp’s here, for those who don’t know.  She has a NPC slave named nana
[17:58] Filipa Thespian: and the way she includes her in her rp is positively hilarious
[17:58] Korali Darkshadow (koralidarkshadow): I’d like to see that
[17:58] Filipa Thespian: i LOVE that she’s online hold on lemme see if i can get her here for this lol
[17:58] Marcia Shan: thank you so much Filipa. you cleared my doubts
[17:58] Filipa Thespian: you’re welcome 🙂
[17:59] Filipa Thespian: you have to remember, you are the free person and it is natural to you to just mistreat and not consider slaves much lol
[17:59] Filipa Thespian: ((Marcia depending on your character’s back story it doesn’t mean you MUST mistreat slaves though))
[18:00] Marcia Shan: got it! perfect! XD

[17:59] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): I have a question
[17:59] Filipa Thespian: yes Lara?

[18:00] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): my character is owned by Belarius in the Lupinaria. Is she allowed to just walk around and talk to people – also I’ve not met Belarius hehe

[18:00] Filipa Thespian: well … that would ultimately be up to Barilous
[18:00] Filipa Thespian: but
[18:01] Filipa Thespian: he’s not here right now SO … I’ll set this path for you …
[18:02] Filipa Thespian: I’d say you would likely not go far from the lupinaria BUT he would want you only focused now what’s makin him money …
[18:02] Filipa Thespian: i know him well … so he might send you out to draw in customers
[18:03] Filipa Thespian: he’ll be totally up for whatever is going to make him money and he is a heavy handed owner lol … he’s harsh and cold (in rp but ooc he’s awesomesauce))
[18:03] Lara Lynn (johnson7841) nods… so i should play my character like she’s very obedient to him, maybe a bit scared?
[18:08] Filipa Thespian: and i would that’s a good idea
[18:08] Filipa Thespian: you’d be like the hooker sent out on the streets lol
[18:08] Filipa Thespian: to draw in the business
[18:08] Filipa Thespian: and he’s your pimp
[18:08] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): chuckles
[18:08] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): okay
[18:09] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): what do i say, “hey baby you want a date??”
[18:09] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): lol
[18:09] Filipa Thespian laughs
[18:09] Filipa Thespian: well you would obviously be dressed risqué and the women would likely shun you
[18:09] Filipa Thespian: but the men would take second looks lol
[18:09] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): what like white silks work?
[18:10] Filipa Thespian: flirt with the men lol
[18:10] Filipa Thespian: you were a slave so you couldn’t talk directly but you wanted them to choose you cuz that’s how you earned your keep
[18:10] Filipa Thespian: on your back you lucky slut 😛
[18:10] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): haha
[18:10] Filipa Thespian: like in a flirtatious or inviting tone … here lemme see if I can emote something for you lol

[18:12] Filipa Thespian skims her fingertips slowly down her bare chest, dipping them between her unbound breasts barely hidden behind the sheer fabric of her tunic. she slides him a sidelong glance, an obvious invitation as she nibbles on her lower lip. slowly she walks toward him, the sway of her hips hinting to what she could do with them when he had her spread them for him, “Ave Erus” she says finally in a slow, sensual way.

[18:12] Filipa Thespian: hows that?
[18:12] Faithy Grantham (faithyquicksand): …
[18:12] Trinus Markus: … I’d hit that.
[18:12] Filipa Thespian grins
[18:12] Lara Lynn (johnson7841) copy/pastes
[18:12] Faithy Grantham (faithyquicksand): ; Falls out of her chair, bleeding heavily from the nose. ;
[18:12] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): chuckles
[18:12] Havva (mandarin.beck): lol lara
[18:12] Filipa Thespian waves, “i’m here all night Trinus”
[18:12] Denebola Fairywren: Wow, I am no longer gay
[18:12] Denebola Fairywren: *~*~rofl*~*~
[18:12] Crito Galtier: Oh baby, come home with me?
[18:12] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki) slaps her husband “Not in front of me you won’t.”
[18:12] Filipa Thespian laughs a lot
[18:13] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): Oh my Filipa¡¡ O.o
[18:13] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): Unless I’m invited to join in.
[18:13] Lara Lynn (johnson7841) chuckles
[18:13] Filipa Thespian: don’t worry I have to negotiate for bulk use of the baths privately to clean the damn gladiators each day … so we’ll talk soon Trinus *winks*
[18:13] Filipa Thespian: ((kidding delina haha))
[18:13] Trinus Markus: So did I miss anything, or have you guys just been covering Slut Tactics 101? 😉

[18:14] Denebola Fairywren: So, other question if I may

[18:14] Denebola Fairywren: How does the hierarchy interact with each other?

[18:14] Filipa Thespian: hierarcy of what?
[18:14] Denebola Fairywren: Hmm
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: as a Society
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: Sooo
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: Like
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: A Roman Citizen to an Owner
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: or to the Praetor
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: like that
[18:15] Denebola Fairywren: Owner for a business I mean
[18:16] Filipa Thespian: to an owner of what?
[18:16] Filipa Thespian: well the Praetor Urbanus leads our town …
[18:16] Denebola Fairywren: ok, so for example the Bath houses
[18:16] Filipa Thespian: but the Praetor of Rome who has taken my Ludus from me lol … well he’s of Rome but i would think our Praetor would seriously suck up to him

[18:17] Trinus Markus: (I’ve got a question related to that one, when I may)
[18:17] Filipa Thespian: favors from Rome and from a man with the Emperors ear hmm
[18:18] Filipa Thespian: why don’t you ask it Trinus

[18:19] Trinus Markus: Or rather, a combination comment/question: Depending upon how elaborate the social structure would be in this outlying town as compared to Rome, wouldn’t there be even be some hierarchy within the business owners–i.e., some are just Plebians whereas, depending upon the type of business, they’d be more along the lines of Equestrian status …

[18:20] Trinus Markus: Though I imagine that’s a bit more complex than what we’d want to get involved in for the size of the sim*
[18:21] Filipa Thespian: agreed, I would also think they’d vie for any sort of ladder climbing they could figure out, like of the Praetorians or the Praetor of Rome when he were here … or better yet, of our own praetor as he leads us and the business owners would want the preferential treatment now this is also really important though … the ludi, would definitely be sucking up to the Arena owner!!!
[18:21] Filipa Thespian: cuz it was the person who owned the arena who would decide if their glads could compete and if so, in what events
[18:21] Filipa Thespian: and at what time of day
[18:21] Filipa Thespian: the later in the day being the more important leading to battle for champion so yes
[18:22] Filipa Thespian: i was thinkin we needed some sort of merchants guild or some such but I’m not sure yet on the historical accuracy of that
[18:22] Filipa Thespian: but I’d be interested if someone wanted to head one up *grins and winks at …… Trinus* someone like you? 😛
[18:22] Trinus Markus sighs. I just had to go and play history buff, didn’t I? ^^
[18:23] Denebola Fairywren: ooo and being a bathhouse owner, you would have the connections
[18:23] Denebola Fairywren: lol
[18:23] Trinus Markus: Seriously though, if you want me to look into it I don’t mind. I’ve been doing a lot of research today
[18:23] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): Yeah, we could certainly manage a merchants guild or some sort of business owners union/caste
[18:24] Filipa Thespian: i need to add something here hopefully to avoid any confusion later with people sayin “that wasn’t historically accurate” lol … historically accurate would mean … sex doesn’t happen in the bathhouse, that’s where assassinations were plotted, men negotiated and made deals, senators figured out law, all sorts of meet/greet happened, it was facebook for Romans so to speak lol and it was totally segregated, sex there was actually frowned upon lol … HOWEVER for the purposes of SL i think that’s unrealistic and we need creative license so you’ll have more smexy furniture soon 😉
[18:24] Filipa Thespian: oh btw, the bathhouse was a daily visit for all citizens
[18:24] Filipa Thespian: bathing was a daily ritual and the bathhouse was their social hub
[18:24] Filipa Thespian: so if you’re a free person of Rome, you’d go to the bathhouse at least once a day
[18:24] Trinus Markus: http://www.pbs.org/empires/romans/empire/baths.html
[18:24] Filipa Thespian: to meet your friends
[18:24] Filipa Thespian: and hang out
[18:24] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): what about slaves
[18:24] Trinus Markus: really cool article on that^
[18:25] Havva (mandarin.beck): yes, but that means in happening lots of action on the bath house?
[18:25] Havva (mandarin.beck): LOL
[18:25] Filipa Thespian: which could ultimately make Trinus a powerful man
[18:25] Havva (mandarin.beck): at first Adara thought the lupinaria was the bath house too
[18:25] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): well I want the bath house to certainly be a place information, because we want to run a information network, trade secrets on people to other people for political favors and what not.
[18:25] Filipa Thespian: think of what he and his wife could overhear 😉
[18:25] Filipa Thespian: YES!
[18:26] Crito Galtier: Regarding trade associations, they did exist on ancient Rome and were called collegia.
[18:26] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): but yeah, that’s the idea behind me and trin’s character. 😉
[18:27] Havva (mandarin.beck): what type of business owners would be part of this Guild?
[18:27] Filipa Thespian: SWEET
[18:27] Denebola Fairywren: Depends on the Collifa I think
[18:27] Denebola Fairywren: oops
[18:27] Denebola Fairywren: Collegia
[18:27] Trinus Markus: Any business owners who wanted to, I imagine … I mean, again on the point of accuracy vs. rp feasibility …
[18:27] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): Ouch I think Adara should learn another language to speak with her slave at the bath house
[18:27] Havva (mandarin.beck): blacksmith counts?
[18:28] Denebola Fairywren: ooo that evil Thracian
[18:28] Havva (mandarin.beck): I thought she did actually
[18:28] Havva (mandarin.beck): yes
[18:28] Trinus Markus: There’s a fine line between how it actually happened and what works for the game. Here, I think it would be like … a chamber of commerce, for those familiar with U.S. towns
[18:28] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): everybody seems to understand thracian
[18:28] Filipa Thespian: but you can’t do that as you know this ooc’ly slut 😛
[18:28] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) sighs
[18:28] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): I would think any owner within the city that wanted to keep up on things, manage trade deals between the other owners, discounts to fellow businessmen to facilitate trade and expand profits for everyone

[18:29] Filipa Thespian: you guys should be thinking to yourselves in rp … “how did the ludus burn down? what happened there? what do i have to be afraid of?”

[18:29] Filipa Thespian: the burning was not a onetime thing it impacts ongoing rp lol
[18:29] Filipa Thespian: so there’s something to incorporate
[18:29] Trinus Markus: Yeah. Especially if your business is right next to a pile of charred rubble.
[18:29] Filipa Thespian: well not just that
[18:29] Filipa Thespian: but think
[18:30] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): Time to sleep with some guards and get us some extra protection at the bathhouse.
[18:30] Filipa Thespian: how vicious and powerful must a criminal be to succeed in burning down a ludus filled with 12 Praetorian guards, at least as many of my own guards and what, 70 Gladiators?
[18:30] Havva (mandarin.beck): yes, I thought about it. especially that I wanted to offer my services to the ludus
[18:30] Trinus Markus: Ooh. Good point, Filipa.
[18:30] Filipa Thespian: I’d think that might be city wide conversation and musings lol
[18:30] Havva (mandarin.beck): i know I want to be friend of this criminal.
[18:30] Filipa Thespian laughs
[18:30] Filipa Thespian: ok so think … where might you find such a criminal? 😀
[18:30] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): lol that criminal stole a kiss from Adara
[18:30] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): it was so scary¡¡¡
[18:31] Filipa Thespian: and why do you all think he burned down my ludus?
[18:31] Filipa Thespian: and do you want to know?
[18:31] Trinus Markus: So have we got a group trying to run protection against such attacks …?
[18:31] Filipa Thespian: if so how do you find out?
[18:31] Filipa Thespian smiles
[18:31] Filipa Thespian: did it occur to you that the person who burnt down the ludus may already be doing the protection scam? that may be something to think on
[18:31] Havva (mandarin.beck): a criminal that steal kisses? interesting….
[18:31] Filipa Thespian: so why would he burn me out? *Grins*
[18:31] Havva (mandarin.beck): lol
[18:32] Havva (mandarin.beck): I thought had something to do with the praetor or against him
[18:32] Havva (mandarin.beck): I didn’t read the RP
[18:32] Filipa Thespian: no
[18:32] Filipa Thespian: and i haven’t posted it yet

[18:32] Filipa Thespian: oh btw

[18:32] Filipa Thespian: do you guys want the full rp log word for word? or a summary story?

[18:32] Denebola Fairywren: And that is where you rP would come it to find that out
[18:32] Filipa Thespian: and i did put pics on my flickr if you need the link
[18:32] Havva (mandarin.beck): maybe it will spoil us
[18:33] Filipa Thespian: i think you should rp to find out lol
[18:33] Havva (mandarin.beck): yes, that i saw!
[18:33] Havva (mandarin.beck): I will, I will
[18:33] Filipa Thespian: so Korali, Ilarok, what thoughts have you after listening to all this?
[18:33] Havva (mandarin.beck) presses her palms against each other. so exciting
[18:33] Havva (mandarin.beck): and I talk too much
[18:34] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): yeah i think just a note card that says the talk of the town is the burning of the building, and the current rumors being thrown around. any more then that might lead to metagaming
[18:34] Filipa Thespian laughs

[18:34] Denebola Fairywren: We have soo much going on and so many paths everyone can take
[18:34] Denebola Fairywren: and now that I am doing errands for the Domina
[18:34] Ilarok Darkshadow (ilarokdarkshadow): I see a lot of opportunities for some fun RP..
[18:34] Denebola Fairywren: I am soo Rp’ng with everyone
[18:34] Filipa Thespian: ok then use that in your character’s makeup havva 🙂

[18:34] Filipa Thespian: oh I’ve got something else
[18:35] Filipa Thespian: the gladiators this week will be rping the cleanup of the ludus
[18:35] Filipa Thespian: they will be chained but much more accessible
[18:35] Crito Galtier pouts
[18:35] Filipa Thespian: and they will be involved in the rebuild too
[18:35] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): oh, so can Adara go and annoy them a little??

[18:35] Trinus Markus: How often do we have arena fights?

[18:35] Trinus Markus: I cannot wait to get into betting on that stuff
[18:35] Filipa Thespian: and for now we aren’t having them but we may have a surprise for you on that VERY soon 🙂
[18:35] Filipa Thespian: we can do some every other week here for now but the amount of people on sim is limited for the time being
[18:36] Filipa Thespian: tell you what
[18:36] Filipa Thespian: how bout we arrange one for say … this weekend *GRINS*
[18:36] Trinus Markus: Woo
[18:37] Filipa Thespian: would that be fun? 🙂
[18:37] Trinus Markus: Gonna lag my ass off (my PC is totally ready to be put out of its misery), but I’ll be here
[18:38] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): yeah
[18:38] Havva (mandarin.beck): I like it too
[18:38] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): i like the idea too

[18:44] Trinus Markus: Ok, I just read the craziest thing and I have to share: “Wealth and property were well-known routes to social advancement, as was patronage by the emperor – at one point, Caligula even made a horse a senator. “
[18:44] Havva (mandarin.beck): btw delina and trinus. im not sure which one of you shared the bathhouse link. but thanks

[18:45] Filipa Thespian: hey this reminds me of something I want to share
[18:46] Filipa Thespian: important something

[18:46] Filipa Thespian: last week we had a bit of a situation with ooc stuff, cuz the girl involved couldn’t get in the arena to mess with the gladiators … so i said in group there’s always a way in and faithy god she was so brilliant, she FOUND HER WAY IN! 😀

[18:46] Filipa Thespian: see, there is ALWAYS a way in, even to a heavily guarded ludus 🙂
[18:46] Filipa Thespian: you just have to figure out how to do it in rp well.
[18:47] Crito Galtier: It was a great role play.
[18:49] Filipa Thespian: she realized, that was the day after the ludus burnt down
[18:49] Filipa Thespian: so … where was I going to get clothing?
[18:49] Filipa Thespian: she showed up at the arena door with a box of clothing and shoes
[18:50] Faithy Grantham (faithyquicksand): o.o;
[18:50] Filipa Thespian: and rp’d her way in with gifts to help me because of the loss … she even offered the use of her home to me and I took dene with me which continues her pass to get into areas where I am 🙂
[18:50] Filipa Thespian: she was FREEKIN BRILLIANT! 😀
[18:50] Filipa Thespian: I was so excited and proud of her :
[18:50] Filipa Thespian: 😀
[18:50] Crito Galtier: It was awesome role play!
[18:50] Denebola Fairywren nods and agrees
[18:50] Faithy Grantham (faithyquicksand): ; Preens. ;
[18:50] Filipa Thespian laughs

[18:50] Delina Di’Esmali (delina.lubezki): there’s going to be openings at the bath house for spies*COUGH*- I mean servants.
[18:50] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): lol so smart¡¡
[18:50] Crito Galtier: As you should Faithy
[18:51] Filipa Thespian: oooo that’s a GREAT message for here would you also like me to send a notice?
[18:51] Havva (mandarin.beck): that is preety cool actually. great idea Faith had
[18:51] Filipa Thespian: oh I highly recommend if you all are not yet, to become a part of the group called “Seeking Roleplay” it gives you notice posting right away and has thousands of rp’rs in it and i suggest when you are recruiting for your areas, to go there and make notices but I also recommend just have fun chit chat with people and get to know them then also work your recruiting into your chat
[18:52] Faithy Grantham (faithyquicksand): I need some customers, lawl.
[18:52] Filipa Thespian: so it’s important to know what’s going on in the sim around you so you can figure out where you can work your own efforts into … how can you use my misfortunes against me? how can I use trinus’ new acquisition to my favor, etc.
[18:52] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) raises a hand “Adara needs to pay you a visit soon”
[18:52] Filipa Thespian: we need our lupinaria owner back lol
[18:52] Filipa Thespian: oh and I’ve spoken to appius he has promised to work into his schedule regular times he’ll be here (he’s the Praetor of Rome if no one knew)
[18:53] Filipa Thespian: we also have Anvarra Alecto, he’s one you may want to figure out 😉
[18:53] Havva (mandarin.beck) checks her pockets
[18:53] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) rolls her eyes up “oh, damn praetor¡¡”
[18:53] Havva (mandarin.beck): no money 🙁
[18:53] Havva (mandarin.beck): awww
[18:53] Havva (mandarin.beck): I RPlayed with him before
[18:53] Lara Lynn (johnson7841): yes he needs to come back. I’m bored haha
[18:53] Havva (mandarin.beck): he was the tavern owner
[18:53] Filipa Thespian: he’s a very slimy creepy character *grins*
[18:54] Filipa Thespian: and he will do ANYTHING in rp lol he has NO morals or worries lol
[18:54] Filipa Thespian: in rp anyway
[18:54] Filipa Thespian: ooc he’s such a sweet soul
[18:54] Trinus Markus: Ooh, yeah. Definitely need people in the tavern, since that’ll be the other place I’m probably spending time
[18:54] Filipa Thespian: i highly recommend getting to know him
[18:54] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): I found out about it…
[18:54] Havva (mandarin.beck): he scared havva and adara
[18:54] Havva (mandarin.beck): more adara for sure
[18:54] Filipa Thespian: yes he’s running the tavern but he’s not here a ton and Rainy’s BF is the other tavern master who isn’t around right this moment *sighs* that anvar “stole” the tavern from lol
[18:54] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): bad man
[18:54] Filipa Thespian laughs
[18:55] Filipa Thespian: we’re going to do this meeting every Sunday night for a while, it’ll be a discussion group to ask questions how to handle things roman, and what’s going on in sim that we all need to know so we can figure out our rp
[18:55] Sonnya (sonnya.galli) turns to Havva “Is not true… Adara was not as scared¡”

[18:56] Filipa Thespian: and remember there’s likely a lotta dead bodies in the ludus rubble lol and um, after later tonight if you were to rummage, you “might” find neat things about … OH we’re also planning a few quests

[18:56] Denebola Fairywren: O.o Quests???
[18:56] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): oh, corpsers???
[18:56] Trinus Markus: Alright, dead bodies and looting. Trin’ll feel riiiight at home.
[18:56] Havva (mandarin.beck): ewww must be so smelly
[18:56] Filipa Thespian: *DENE*
[18:56] Filipa Thespian: ((oh sonnya i found the coolest burnt corposes lol))
[18:56] Filipa Thespian: corpses even
[18:56] Havva (mandarin.beck): hummm… the looting is quite tempting
[18:56] Filipa Thespian: it would be 😉
[18:57] Ilarok Darkshadow (ilarokdarkshadow): lol Filipa cool but burnt?
[18:57] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): ouch, I will have to walk covering my eyes and use Nana as a guide
[18:57] Filipa Thespian: yesh and the smoke and soot covered everything in town touching things likely turns your hands and garments blackened, and slaves ahve to go around cleaning
[18:58] Filipa Thespian: and things probably smell terrible all over from the smoke and it was an oil fire keep in mind
[18:58] Filipa Thespian: so it’ll be greasy
[18:58] Ilarok Darkshadow (ilarokdarkshadow): Yes, i did notice the odor when we were near..
[18:58] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): oh, no… there is no way Nana would clean that mess
[18:58] Filipa Thespian giggles
[18:58] Filipa Thespian: well its in all the houses, shops, covering all outdoor facilities
[18:58] Filipa Thespian: its just so pervasive
[18:58] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): I have my new slave for such matters
[18:58] Filipa Thespian: we’ll likely be dealing with it for some time to come
[18:59] Filipa Thespian: who would like a demonstration of teh use of the gm meter in combat mixed with roleplay?

[18:56] Denebola Fairywren: So what is GM Meter?

[18:56] Filipa Thespian laughs and tickles demmy and turns the sand over to Crito “i think you should take this one”
[18:58] Crito Galtier: The GM meter is what the gladiators use to measure injuries in combat. It actually stands for Gorean Meter. They use it a lot there. When you watch a gladiator fight you can watch who is winning by looking at the meter stats over their heads.
[18:59] Havva (mandarin.beck): wait wait
[18:59] Havva (mandarin.beck): about the gm meter
[19:00] Filipa Thespian: yes Havva?
[19:00] Havva (mandarin.beck): should I use it too?
[19:00] Melarius: use who?
[19:00] Filipa Thespian: o no
[19:00] Havva (mandarin.beck): the gm meter
[19:00] Filipa Thespian: its only for the gladiators
[19:00] Havva (mandarin.beck): just for combat right?
[19:00] Filipa Thespian: its the tool we use to keep matches exciting for you an fair for them
[19:00] Ilarok Darkshadow (ilarokdarkshadow): The GM meter is only for combat, its a health meter among other things..
[19:01] Havva (mandarin.beck): i like meters for combat with the rp
[19:01] Filipa Thespian nods: indeed Gladiator, for you have displeased me
[19:01] Filipa Thespian: well for now havva, if you’re not a gladiator, dont use it lol
[19:01] Filipa Thespian: all your combat is rp based

[19:04] Filipa Thespian: oh well i guess everyone’s tired lol
[19:05] Filipa Thespian: this was an amazing get together everyone, im so glad you came 🙂
[19:05] Sonnya (sonnya.galli): it was really amazing¡¡