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The Wealthy Roman Bath House V2

The Wealthy Roman Bath House V2

This bathhouse was created for a full sim build, it is not as cautious on its prim usage, but is still not bad for everything it includes.

First, their is an outer chamber for greeting bathers with 2 small looking pools and running gold encrusted fish water fountains. This room leads to the large swim area or to the exercise room.

In the large swim area, we see the light beams cascading down from the domed open ceiling as they kiss the golden fish fountains with running water. Their is the main pool and the 2 smaller pools that can be opened up to see what’s going on in the lobby. A separate seating area with table, for those who wish a light repast while others swim, is included.

In the exercise room, a feature that was pivotal in historical roman bathhouses, we find the wrestling pitt complete with fresh soft dirt for your guests.

Behind the exercise room are two segregated saunas with outer chambers with warming braziers. Segregation of rich and poor was a way of life in Ancient Rome.

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  • Complete Build = 40.5m wide x 40.75m long
  • Entry/Pool Side = 22.5m wide x 40.75m long
  • Exercise/Sauna Side = 18m wide x 40.75m long


  • With all furnishings = 439
  • Without furnishings = 220

Prim Details:

  • 6 Hanging Plants (6p ea)
  • 10 Potted Plants (3p ea)
  • 14 Small Braziers (3p ea)
  • 2 Large Braziers (3p ea)
  • 4 Fish Wall Fountains (8p ea)
  • 1 Large Fish Fountain (13p ea)
  • 1 Tall Corner Fountain (12p)
  • 2 Short Side Fountains (8p ea)
  • 16 Cushions (1p ea)
  • 6 Door Curtains (3p ea)
  • 2 Tables (2p ea)
  • 12 Chairs (1p ea)


  • Low Prim
  • RP Tested
  • Role Player Approved
  • Built with RP spaces in mind!
  • Kool Door Ready!


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