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The Olympian Club

The Olympian Club

This Club was created for a elegant yet modern feel with a touch of nostalgic history.

Crafted after the roman style, The Olympian Club and it’s larger sister, The Olympian Club II, feature Fire Braziers that emit beautiful warm light when you turn the flames on and none when you turn them off leaving behind the look of unlit embers behind.

The white banners you see in the photo, are for advertising and messages and are NOT linked into the build so you can remove them if you do not want them. I’ve included the shadow map so that you can texture them with your messages.

Their are colored lights back by the water jets, for more of a club atmosphere and the built in DJ booth is accentuated with the most amazing lion statues.

Also included, but can be removed, are the pedestals for dance poles.

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FOOTPRINT: 26.8m wide x 47.6m deep



BASE STRUCTURE = 213 prims

  • White banners 2 prims each x 10 = 20 prims
  • Included full perm shadow map for making your own textures.
    • Can easily delete these for saving prims without loss of aesthetics
  • Flaming braziers 3 prims each x 12 = 36 prims total
    • click the braziers to turn them on with light, on without light or totally off
    • can remove them to save prims
  • DJ Booth 14 prims
  • Water jets with colored lights = 18 prims
    • can remove these to save prims
    • to remove: CTRL ALT T to turn on show invisibles mode, then find the orbs behind the dj booth
  • Dance Hall Red curtains = 90 prims
  • Entry Way Red Curtains = 37 prims


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