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Roleplay | Ancient Roman Gymnasium

This Gymnasium was modeled after ruins left behind in Rome.  It features 2 side rooms that can be used for anything you can dream up, 2 long side “alleyways” for many things from archery to lounging and a large center area for sparring, wrestling or … whatever.  The front lobby gives this structure a grand
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Roleplay | Ancient Roman Stabilis (Stables)

Welcome to the Ancient Roman Stabilis, created to coordinate nicely with the Gods of Valor Circus Maximus.  This stable comes complete with a blacksmith with working forge you can turn on and off, and all accouterments that make it a Smithy.  9 Horses are included and are removable and their are 12 stalls.  Each stall
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Theater Marcellus

Welcome to the Theater Marcellus, one of Rome’s prestigious theaters and, the structure the Ancient Roman’s used as a guide to building The Colosseum. The stadium seating includes 60 seats built in (35 on each side).  Each seat has a selection of 3 poses (1 male, 1 female & 1 unisex) and their are 8
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Balneum Domum

This bathhouse was created to have a mixture of the masculine and the feminine as seen in the selection of reconstructed wall mural and elegant ceilings coupled with strong masculine floors and curtains.  Featuring a main pool and a private pool, this bathhouse will provide hours of enjoyment. Buy it On Marketplace — Get it
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Charlemaine is a medieval style gown that could be used in Gor with a “modesty top” insert. Their are 14 available color sets, each set contains 3 shades of the color, each color with 3 lace decoration options. In addition, their are 10 different ribbon colors to choose from. This dress is HUD driven and
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This is an Egyptian style 2 piece dress styled after the great Nefertari from historical record. It includes a HUD that enables you to choose the primary fabric color, white or tan silk. This outfit is available in 10 different styles/patterns and their is a Fat Pack available. Please join our in-world group for coupons,
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This is a fitted mesh roman or medieval style dress with delicate gold embroidery. This outfit is available in 12 different colors. The Fat Pack will be out later this week and is a simple all inclusive HUD to make your selection process simpler. Please join our in-world group for coupons, special notices and a
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Delilah’s Toga

This is a roman style toga dress with texture changing HUD that gives you two different trim colors, gold/white or gold/black and six different shoulder and hip broach designs. This outfit is available in 24 different colors. Please join our in-world group for coupons, special notices and a really fun bunch of role-players to interact
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Daenera’s Delight

This is a fitted mesh roman style mini dress with a Belleza and Maitreya version included. There is a texture changing HUD that gives you four different trim colors, gold, silver, copper and black. This outfit is available in 12 different colors. The Fat Pack will be out later this week and is a simple
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Villa Actium

This Villa features 2 floors with magnificent indoor garden surrounded by the beautiful Livia’s Garden Roman Fresco. The Main hall is flanked by two front rooms, each with access to the stairs to the 2nd floor balcony and 2 upstairs rooms. Through a beautifully appointed central hall is the garden, surrounded by 5 rooms, 4
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