Rustic Merchant Signs for CasperLet | Gods of Valor

Rustic Merchant Signs for CasperLet

Rustic Merchant Signs for CasperLet

Hello friends, role-players and fellow residents.  So, I’d started a line of signage to make the lives of sim owners a tad easier.  Some of you already have them or know of them.  The artwork is already prepared and all you do is click the sign and choose what you want it to day…simple.

Today I have for you something to help those running market’s within their sims.  These new signs connect to the CasperLet rental system and enable your renters to add their own signage to your theme specific prims.  Also, when your merchant’s rental runs out, the sign automatically resets itself to the original graphic as seen in the photo here.

Their are also detailed instructions on how you can change the original graphic to be your own and the original graphic is included in chase you want to go back to it.

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