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Theater Marcellus

Theater Marcellus

Welcome to the Theater Marcellus, one of Rome’s prestigious theaters and, the structure the Ancient Roman’s used as a guide to building The Colosseum.

The stadium seating includes 60 seats built in (35 on each side).  Each seat has a selection of 3 poses (1 male, 1 female & 1 unisex) and their are 8 different sets of 3 poses that alternate throughout the build creating a varied audience.

The flaming braziers can be turned on and off by clicking them.  The Fortuna Patrician Chairs have a HUD included to change the wood color, gold emblems and cushion fabrics and the curtains have their own HUD to change them to 1 of any of 6 provided colors.

All 3 floors back stage are functional and the doors on stage open when your avatar walks into them, closing 5 seconds later.  All doors and curtains are Kool Door ready so you can add them to your own Kool Door servers if you choose.  The main curtains open and close from turning wheels available in the Emperor’s Box and back stage next to the main center stage door.

The main theater curtain is removable.

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FOOTPRINT: 34.8m wide x 38.2m deep



  • Complete Structure = 764 p
  • Braziers
  • Wall Braziers (6) @ 2p ea = 12p

  • Floor Braziers (4) @ 2p ea = 8p

  • Furniture
  • Fortuna Patrician Chairs (4) @ 2p ea = 8p

    • Backless Roman Chairs (4) @ 4p ea = 16p
    • Roman Tables (2) @ 3p ea = 6p
  • Curtains = 30p

This build uses materials layers and looks best with your lighting and shadows turned on in Preferences.


  • Kool Door Ready
  • Realism Focused
  • Built with RP spaces in mind!


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