Gods of Valor Rebuilds Romanum, a 9yr Fixture in the SL Community | Gods of Valor

Gods of Valor Rebuilds Romanum, a 9yr Fixture in the SL Community

Gods of Valor Rebuilds Romanum, a 9yr Fixture in the SL Community

In 2006, a nifty Ancient Roman Community opened its doors and while it was specifically a community for gay men where people “could” role-play if they wanted, or not if they didn’t, it was still an amazing sight to behold for anyone of any orientation.

Over the years since, I’ve had a store in their marketplace off and on and every time I’d land, I’d be in awe of just how much this community, today spreading across some 17 or more sims, had such a deep sense of Ancient Rome about it.

In November of 2016 I landed to once again see if their were any shops available and found one (a rarity).  Again that wave of awe hit me until I realized it was the exact same build since 2006 and since then, the years had not been kind (as happens in SL, prims slip, users make mistakes, etc).

I was inspired and regardless of whether or not Romanum would want it, I began rebuilding the basilica’s, which are the sim’s marketplace.  I really thought through what I knew and/or assumed were difficulties with managing this or any market and implemented a nifty moving wall idea that would make managing the installation of larger or smaller shops easier on any market manager.  Just click the wall it opens to make a store double wide, or click to close and you have 2 shops.  no more manual moving of walls which leads to prim creep and texture misalignment’s in a bad way.

When done, I showed it to Romanum’s market manager, Gambit Broome who in turn, took it to the owner of Romanum, Emperor Galtier.  The very next morning, The Emperor contacted me and said “I love it, lets rebuild the whole city.”  And from there, my life became absorbed lol.

Beginning December 31st when the final contract was signed, I started building a series of some 35 structures, most of which were due by March 4, the rest before the anniversary party on March 24th.  An amazingly short time for so much detailed work but, well, I tend to do that to myself lol.

My friend, Crito Galtier contracted with my favorite videographer to do a video piece on the Gladiator battles there at Romanum and what she did in the end, was so much more!  You really get to see the builds while getting sucked into the lives of the Gladiators who give their lives for the enjoyment of Romans.  My hat’s off to Suzie of InWorld Productions, thank you for doing such an amazing job.  Here’s the video below:

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