The Ludus Gigantus | Gods of Valor

The Ludus Gigantus

The Ludus Gigantus

This amazing build was created for our own roleplay in the ancient roman roleplay sim we called Gods of Valor and it’s rp opportunities were magnificent.

The add on slave viewing and interaction areas as well as the commoner seating for the sands, is in no way historically accurate BUT, it fulfilled some serious needs in SL as EVERYONE wanted to be included in the Ludus RP and with the gladiators.

This was my work-around to be at least common-sense secure (in a rp sense meaning glads couldn’t escape, people weren’t hurt, etc). You can let commoners come rp watching the glad’s train while keeping them segregated from your wealthy patrons enjoying a repast with you on the balcony of the house. Earn a little extra coin having your slaves sell snacks as it has its own kitchen AND their is a whole sex peddling area where slaves and gladiators can be on display and rented to be had in one of the secure provided rooms. It’s really quite something.

We hope you have fun with this amazing structure. It is a fully self-sustained Ludus facility that would also work magnificently in any environment that rp’s with slaves or the management of them, even for keeping and training of guards in a slave trading environment.

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FOOTPRINT: 72.25m wide x 48 deep x 14.7461 tall


Prim Details:

  • Structure = 381
  • Water & Vines = 13
  • Curtains = 32
  • Auction Block = 2
  • Signage = 11

Inside this structure we had spaces for:


  • Secondary Office or meeting room
  • Main Entertaining Room
  • Cozy Curtained Alcove in Entertaining Room
  • Pool’s and Dais
  • Hall access to Viewing Balcony
  • 2 Guest Bedrooms
  • Lanista’s Office that connects to viewing balcony and “cheap seats” viewing balcony
  • Guests’ Bath
  • Lanista’s Family’s Private Quarters
  • Master Bedroom with Bath
  • 2 Spare Bedrooms


  • Kitchens & Storage
  • Slave Quarters & Bathtubs
  • Access to Slave Auction & Viewing Business Area
  • Gladiator’s Eating Area
  • Medicus Room
  • Locked Armory
  • Gladiator Sleeping Cages
  • Gladiator Exercise Room inside
  • Gladiator Bath
  • Training Sands
  • 4 Private Gladiator Quarter’s for earning


  • 8 Viewing cages with doors internal to the facility (i.e. visitors can’t get the slaves out)
  • Auction Block among visitors
  • “ticketing” booths for buying food and access to the Balcony Viewing
  • Locked & Curtained private alcoves for more private slave/gladiator use


  • Low Prim
  • RP Tested
  • Roleplayer Approved
  • Built with RP spaces in mind!
  • Kool Door Ready!


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