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The Ostia Arena

A “newer” arena with its design based on the Spartacus’ Gods of the Arena square arena from the squalor of the poor quarter of the city. The though there is, what might that run down arena looked like when it was much newer? If you wish it had a run down appearance, please look for
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The Ludus Gigantus

This amazing build was created for our own roleplay in the ancient roman roleplay sim we called Gods of Valor and it’s rp opportunities were magnificent. The add on slave viewing and interaction areas as well as the commoner seating for the sands, is in no way historically accurate BUT, it fulfilled some serious needs
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The Grand Roman Colosseum

Welcome to Ancient Rome, the time of the Glaidator & Gladiatrix. This arena was built for role-play sims to get the most out of their Gladiatorial role-play. It features the Special seating for Royalty or your upper crust of society and areas on either side for spectators to sit. Their are several access points to
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The Emperial Complex

This is a quarter sim build but it’s only 310 prims. It contains 6 homes for your sim leaders, the senate, your wealthy, or really, whoever you want! At the top sits a palace! We call it the Emperor’s Palace, but it could be for whoever you like! It has 3 bedrooms plus the royal
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Ceasar’s Garden

A lovely garden with strolling path, made in the way of the Romans … as part of a monument. Decorate either end with your favorite furniture and have a lovely place to relax and entertain guests with that all important goblet of wine. Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 16m
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The Putres Capua Arena

A run down arena with its design based on the Spartacus’ Gods of the Arena square arena from the squalor of the poor quarter of the city. If you like this arena but wish it weren’t so run down, please look for The Ostia Arena in our store! Features left and right gladiator access doors,
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The Grand Capua Arena

The footprint left behind in Italy, from the real arena in Capua, is 75m long by 45m wide. This recreation based on the Starz show, Spartacus and matches it’s original predecessor’s size. The Grand Capua Arena is set up to handle chariot races as well as Gladiatorial events, providing a very real recreation of the
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The Arch of Serpents

Modeled after the Arch of Severus Septimus, this decorative piece of roman architecture was made with creative license. Most of these builds are tested in role-play which means, we use them in our own role-play environment and they work well for RP scenarios of many kinds! Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second
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Legionary Rank Structure (The Military)

 Legionary rank structure The information here was taken directly from this website: http://s_van_dorst.tripod.com/Ancient_Warfare/Rome/hierarchy.html and is in order from lowest rank to highest. Currently the ranks we use in Gods of Valor (Casilinum) are Legatus, Legionnaire, Centurion, but as we firm up the military, these will be tightened up and made more specific for a few
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RP Class – 2012-08-19

Covered in this Class: Dominus vs. Erus; Addressing free and slaves and how to rp with slaves; slaves romaing the city freely?; Roman Society’s Hierarchy; Incorporate Ludus Burning into Gossip/RP, ideas; How often are Arena Fights; Don’t OOC, Find a Way in RP – a how to; What is the GM Meter?

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