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Simple Role-Play Signs

Simple Role-Play Signs

We all know the drill, we’re setting up our role-play sims, and our role-play markets and we get to putting out the signage that matches our environment and bam…we have to make artwork and upload it and not all of us are all that great at it OR don’t like doing it OR just don’t have the time or inclination.

Well, I have something for you!

This series of signs are for those with need of a more medieval or rustic style merchant sign.  While these do not connect with anything like CasperLet or Hipporent, they are programmed to offer you A LOT of options of what you want the sign to say for your role-play environment.

Currently their’s the Gorean version and the Roman version and you can get them in either “Owner Only” access mode OR “Public” access mode.  If you don’t want random people who visit your sim to be able to change them, get the owner only version!

YOU CAN GIVE THE SIGN A TRY AT OUR IN WORLD STORE, Just take the SLURL, go inside the building and turn right.

Get it on MarketplaceSee it in world at our store

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