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Roleplay | Aprise Prison & Fort

This is not just a prison but a fortress.  Built with Roman Ludi in mind, this prison features an upstairs for the free people and a downstairs for the prisoners.  Their are 2 gated entrances on the sides onto the prison grounds, a front door for the prison level and a front door for the
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The Rustic Slaver’s House & Kennel

A 2 story facility for the role-play of the buying and selling of slaves. Featuring 6 outdoor cages for display, each with indoor access only, including privacy wall with door to keep outsiders from seeing inside the lower level of the kennel. 3 Indoor cages, privacy room, 2 private rooms upstairs and a great-room that
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The Lupinaria Casillinum

This Ancient Roman Lupinaria (whorehouse or brothel) features removable sexy murals on the walls on the upper level (in case you want to use it as an every day structure), 2 floors, 3 pools – 2 accessible by avatars, 5 rooms on the lower levels – 3 of which have doors. All curtains, lighting and
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