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The Ludus Magnus

This Ludus was built for a homestead sim with prim cost savings in mind. It’s a terrible thing to abbreviate a ludus’ activities with fewer spaces, so the overall design was altered a bit, enabling me to create it with fewer prims. It’s a more square structure with the entire first floor being gladiator related,
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Vestal Temple

This temple was painstakingly re-crafted from photos of the original in Rome.  Their were always 8 Vestal Virgins and the religious leader responsible for them, hence the 8 chairs and 1 throne.  Only the virgins came here and their number was built into everything about this temple, from the flames atop the dome to the
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Temple of Jupiter

This temple was painstakingly re-crafted from photos of the original in Rome.  Worship the God of Jupiter in historical accuracy and luxury. Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 24.5m long x 20.5m wide TOTAL PRIMS: 112 Base Structure = 45 prims Sacrificial Altar = 3 prims Worship Altar = 5
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Tavern Simplica

A great little tavern with 3 rooms upstairs to be an inn. Curtained windows upstairs and 3 open rooms downstairs. Great for just about any RP environment.  It’s rustic, it’s warm and it can be decorated in the most marvelous of ways.  There’s a room for a full fledged kitchen too. Buy it On Marketplace
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The Rustic Slaver’s House & Kennel

A 2 story facility for the role-play of the buying and selling of slaves. Featuring 6 outdoor cages for display, each with indoor access only, including privacy wall with door to keep outsiders from seeing inside the lower level of the kennel. 3 Indoor cages, privacy room, 2 private rooms upstairs and a great-room that
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The Roman Stables

A simple farmhouse in the roman style, this stable includes 8 stalls for larger animals and a sizable central area for smaller animals as shown in the photo (animals not included).  In the back, is a lovely home for a farmer, his wife and his lovely children with one main room and 3 smaller rooms.
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The Roman Senate

The Ancient Roman Senate building was modest in its outside appearance with elaborate painting and tiling inside. This recreation features 3 dimensional roof with custom drawn, hand painted flooring and walls to make it as close to the real thing as possible (i referenced images on google images to learn what it looked like and
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The Roman Market

Based on historical roman market’s that were structures with roofs, built in stone with arches and columns, many indoor market stalls without doors provided. This version has 6 rp market stalls. The structure has 6 points of entrance and each market shop has a minimum of 2 entries, the middle 2 having 3. *SPECIAL: Purchase
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The Pavillion Caelius

An outdoor fountain and pool, your residents will enjoy their time at this monument, reclining on a Divan, wading in the water and enjoying the out doors while being under roof. Buy it On Marketplace — Get it inside Second Life FOOTPRINT: 24m wide x 24m deep TOTAL PRIMS: 68 Structure = 34 prims Braziers
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The Ostia Arena

A “newer” arena with its design based on the Spartacus’ Gods of the Arena square arena from the squalor of the poor quarter of the city. The though there is, what might that run down arena looked like when it was much newer? If you wish it had a run down appearance, please look for
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